Scenic Places of Worship

Shivrajeshwar Temple

Only of its kind in Maharashtra where Shivaji's image in boatmans attire is worshiped. Shivaji's younger son Rajaram erected this temple inside the fort Sindhudurg in 1965.

Rameshwar Temple [Achara, 23km from malvan]

Dedicated to Lord Rameshwar. The tutelar deity of Achara is renowned for its divine verdict sought by locals once in a five years. The tradition is called 'Gavpalabe' in which villagers reside outside a village.

Bharadidevi [14km from Malvan]

Is a goddess of Anganewadi where she has occurred in a selfexistant rock form. It is believed that when a person ask for a favour goddess fulfills if. Annual fair of goddess is witnessed by large number of devotees.

Bhadrakali Temple [4.5km from Malvan]

This goddess is often mentioned by famous Mavani dramatists Mr. Machindra Kambali in his popular dramas. The temple is situated at Revandi village by the shore.

Ozar [5km from Malvan]

A place of sanctity associated with Brahamanand Swami whose memorial lies here in the shades of thick grove which offers peace to visitors.

Kunkeshwar Temple [45km from Malvan]

The nature has bestowed beauty by placing this temple on the bank of Arabian sea. The original Hemadpanthy architectural style temple is believed to be built by one arabian businessman. Temples main event is Mahashivratri festival where devotees gather in thousands to worship Lords Shiva.

Rameshwar Temple [4km from Vijaydurg]

This heritage temple makes an impression on visitors by its murals which depicts the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata. These paintings resembles Bundeli art of Madhyapradesh.


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