Inviting Beaches

Tarkarli Beach [6km form Malvan]

Considered as queen of Sindhudurg's beaches. The miles long stretch of delighting cajurina plantations and unique rural cottages lined up in dunes impresses upon a visitor to make halt at this beach.

Devbaug Beach [10km from Malvan]

Geographic wonder of Malvan's coast. The formation of sandy islet changes every year at picturesque Sangam point of this beach but beauty never end. This one is a paradise for dolphin watchers. Dolphin season is between October and February.

Chivala Beach

Lovely beach bordering Malvan town from the north - west. Enjoy your evening at rock garden. Who knows, it might evoke your romantic feelings.

Tondivali Beach [19km from Malvan]

This hideaway paradise is reached by taking turnoff from Malvan - Achara road. You can stroll on this beach for hours without seeing another soul.

Achara Beach [22km from Malvan]

This secluded stretch of black and white sand is considered safe for swimmers. The Dolphins and Mangroves are the attraction at this beach.

Nivati Beach [25km from Malvan]

Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and net daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach.


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